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When winter sets in, there are certain rooms that are used less because of cold spots. However, with the consistent and even heat provided by a Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace, you can enjoy comfortable heat anywhere, all winter long. Rinnai Wall Furnaces are efficient and easy to install. And, the innovative cool-to-the-touch cabinet makes them safe for the whole family.

As the temperature of the room gradually drops, the wall furnace restarts and gradually warms the room back to the desired temperature. If there is a sudden injection of cold air, the furnace automatically adjusts fans speed and BTUs to quickly restore the set temperature.


Benefits of the "C" Series At a Glance


The Traditional Approach


The Rinnai Approach


Rinnai Modulating

Modulating Technology
Modulating technology replaces only the heat escaping the structure by continuously operating at heating levels based on the current demand, which leads to lower gas usage and higher levels of comfort.

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